Renewal of Brussels South Charleroi Airport's single permit

Environmental permit

On July 25, 2005, SOWAER obtained a single permit (urban planning and environment) for the South and North facilities (subsequently handed over to BSCA in 2009) from the Charleroi Municipal Council, with the approval of the SPW Technical Officer - Permits and Authorizations Department - to extend the infrastructure and continue operating the airport. The permit is valid for 20 years. However, the environmental part of this permit expires on July 25, 2025 (the urban planning part is granted on a permanent basis).

In addition to this single permit, all subsequent permits obtained by BSCA have the same expiry date, and are updated annually through the register of changes to the environmental permit for installations, substance and waste deposits.

The main steps involved in renewing an environmental permit are as follows:

  • Organization of a public information meeting on December 12, 2023 for all local residents concerned (area defined by the Technical Officer). 
  • Completion of the impact study and soil condition survey by the engineering firm (ARIES S. A.) awarded the contract in December 2022. 
  • Drafting of the permit renewal application, to which the EIA and soil study will be appended.
  • Examination of the application by the authorities
  • Granting of the permit (and monitoring of any appeals) 

Notice - Information meeting