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Limited liability company having its registered office at 8 avenue des Frères Wright, 6041 Gosselies, registered in the Business and Companies Register under number BE 444.556.344 - RPM Charleroi

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CLIENT: Brussels South Charleroi Airport SA


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  • Catherine D’ELETTO (Photographer)
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport,Communications Department

E-commerce - Terms and conditions of sale

You can access the general terms and conditions under which our services and products are sold by clicking on the following link

Intellectual property

The content on the website remains the sole property of BSCA. BSCA grants the user a non-exclusive right of use of the content of this website as a private individual only. The downloadable documents, icons, illustrations, photographs and the use of hypertext links to this website remain the exclusive property of Brussels South Charleroi Airport. The content may only be reproduced or redistributed online with written authorisation from BSCA. Persons given such authorisation shall ensure compliance with the following terms and conditions and with the relevant legislation:

  • The source of the Charleroi airport website from which the document comes must be clearly stated.
  • No charge of any sort may be made for the dissemination of information contained on the BSCA website.  Such information must be used for information purposes, not for profit.
  • The content and form of the information may not be modified under any circumstances.  

In such a case, any reproduction or redistribution online remains strictly prohibited. BSCA reserves the right to cancel and/or withdraw authorisation for the use of information available on and/or to institute legal proceedings before the appropriate courts against persons not complying with the terms and conditions of use and/or intellectual property of the website.

Confidentiality - Personal data

If you have any questions relating to data protection, to exercise your rights or to lodge a complaint, please contact our Data Protection Officer by email to or letter to the following address: Data Protection Officer, Rue des Frères Wright 8, 6041 Charleroi.

Why do we collect these data? 

  • To enable us and our partners to process your reservation.
  • To provide the services which you have purchased from us or our partners.
  • To facilitate access to third party services or products on our website.
  • To send newsletters to you.
  • To propose offers matching your requirements.
  • To communicate with you in order to conduct customer satisfaction surveys for the purposes of analysis, quality improvement, the development of services, optimisation of the website performance, evaluation of the success of advertising campaigns or adaptation of the services to your needs.
  • To comply with the mandatory clauses in the legislation in force.

 We never sell or lease your data to companies or persons who are not part of BSCA. We treat your data as confidential information. Certain information may be exchanged with our partners in order in particular to facilitate the processing of your reservation, the response to your question or the purchase of third party products and services.

When do we collect your data?

When you visit our websites or use our mobile apps, we may collect: 

  • Your travel preferences;
  • Information on how you browse our websites and mobile apps;
  • Information on the times when you click on one of our advertisements, including those published on other organisations’ websites;
  • Information on how you access our digital services, including the operating system, IP address, online identifiers and browser details;

When you buy products or services from us or online, we may collect:

  • Information on passengers, passport details and other identity card details;
  • Information on your purchases, including what you purchased, when and where you purchased it, how you paid and credit card or other payment information;
  • Information on how you browse our websites and mobile apps;
  • Information on the times when you click on one of our advertisements, including those published on other organisations’ websites;
  • Information on how you access our digital services, including the operating system, IP address, online identifiers and browser details;

When you contact us, we contact you or you take part in promotions, competitions, surveys or questionnaires on our services, we may collect:

  • The personal data which you provide, including by email, letter and telephone or on social media, such as your name, your user name and your contact details;
  • Details of the emails and other digital communications which we have sent you and which you have opened, including any links that you have clicked on;
  • Your feedback and contributions to customer surveys and questionnaires. 

Other sources of personal data:

We may use personal data from other sources such as specialist companies which supply information, distribution partners and public registers;

If you use your social media identifiers to connect to our online platforms and services, e.g. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, you consent to sharing your user details with us. For example: your name, your email address, your date of birth, your location and any other information that you choose to share with us;

We may use pictures from the CCTV system, an IP address and browser details collected in or in the immediate vicinity of our shops, rooms, car parks, other buildings.

Personal data which you provide in relation to other individuals:

We use personal data which you provide in relation to other individuals, such as people linked to your reservation;

In providing personal data in relation to other people, you must be certain that they consent to this and that you are authorised to do so. You should also ensure, if applicable, that they understand how we may use their personal data.


BSCA applies technical and organisational security measures aimed at protecting the personal data which we manage against any handling, loss, destruction or use by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are constantly being improved and take into account developments in technology.

Your rights in relation to the protection of personal data:

You have a right of access to and correction and erasure of your personal data.

To exercise your right of access, right to be forgotten, rights to correction, erasure, restriction and portability of your data, opposition to processing and withdrawal of consent, you must send a clear request to, or write to: Data Protection Officer, Rue des Frères Wright 8, 6041 Charleroi.

Please state exactly what you want to see, correct or erase. This request must be signed and dated. BSCA will action your request within 1 month of receipt of the letter or the request.

Sharing data with third parties: 

BSCA may transmit some of your personal data for the purposes listed above, in order to fulfil our contract, to comply with a legal obligation or to defend a legitimate interest.

Your personal data are not sold, or leased or made available to third parties for commercial purposes unless you have expressly given your consent in compliance with European regulation 2016/679 concerning data protection.

When our suppliers process your personal data, they act as processors as defined in the GDPR. We conclude a processing contract with these processors and we do everything possible to ensure that your personal data are adequately secured.

In certain cases your personal data may be transmitted outside Belgium and the European Union.  In this context, BSCA takes the contractual and technical measures necessary in order to ensure that all personal data transmitted are adequately protected against loss or unlawful use. 

Storage of personal data:

Your personal data are stored for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes as described in point 3; and to comply with our legal obligations. 


BSCA may at any time, for different reasons, make corrections, additions or alterations to this “Privacy Policy”. The most up-to-date version may be consulted at any time on our websites. This version was amended in August 2018.

Warranty regarding information/ Liability

Although we have rechecked the information on the website several times, it may nevertheless contain inaccuracies or errors. It is, therefore, to be regarded as indicative. Moreover, BSCA reserves the right to alter and/or change any product or service put online via this website ( Brussels South Charleroi Airport shall not be liable for any malfunction, breakdown whether resulting in loss or not, computer bug, redirection to a partner site, maintenance making it impossible to use the website, poor performance of the service or fraudulent use of the QR Code redirection to a partner website.


No translation of the legal information shall serve as evidence. The French version shall remain the only one which is binding.   


Use of cookies on the websites:

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When you browse a website, you consent to the information stated above being collected and stored.

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