Self-Connecting at the airport

Transit @BrusselsCharleroiConnects

Find everything you need to know for a pleasant stopover at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

You have a flight connection at Brussels South Charleroi Airport ? Here you will find all the information you need to make the most of your connections and have a good time between your flights at the airport.


  • Here are the steps to follow: 

I am travelling with checked luggage and/or from a non-Schengen Area to a Schengen Area

parcours 1 transit En

  1.  Arrival
  2. Collect your baggage in the "baggage claim" area
  3. If you have any problems with your baggage, go straight to the "baggage claim" desk
  4. Go to the departures area (in the T1 or T2 hall depending on your next flight. You can check this information on the "flights of the day" page)
  5. Check in your baggage
  6. Go trough security (enjoy free fast track access with the Brussels Charleroi Connects Smart Pass)
  7. Make your way to the boarding gate (your flight information will be displayed on the screens in the terminal)

I am travelling with hand luggage only

schengen steps to follow


  1. Arrival
  2. Follow the "Transit@BrusselsCharleroiConnects" signs to the Information point 
  3. There you will be able to find out the details of your next flight (information about the terminal (T1 or T2) and boarding gate). You can also find all this information on our mobile APP CRL Airport
  4. Make your way to the boarding gate 

Self-Connecting with Kiwi

Find everything you need to know for a pleasant stopover at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Our Partner, is an online travel agency providing passengers unique itineraries of carriers that usually do not cooperate with each other under a single booking, thanks to's Virtual Interlining concept.

Take advantage of the «Charleroi Connects Smart Pass » and get your free fast track at the airport to get to your gate more quickly !


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