Loyalty Programme

Faq My Charleroi Airport Bonus

A. Signing up to the My Charleroi Airport Bonus loyalty programme

How do you sign up to the My Charleroi Airport Bonus programme?

To sign up to the programme and become a member, all you need to do is set up an account on the « Loyalty Programme »  page. You can also sign up by clicking on the “Become a member” button at the top of the page. You can sign up via the Brussels South Charleroi Airport website or online shop, or via the CRL Airport app. It’s free to sign up, and anyone over the age of 18 can join.

How do I access my account once it’s been set up?

You can sign in to your account by clicking on « Become a member»  at the top of the website and the online shop.

How do I access my loyalty card?

Your loyalty card, in the form of a QR code, is accessible:

  • In your account dashboard (in your online account)
  • On the welcome email you will have received when you signed up
  • In all messages sent within the context of the My Charleroi Airport Bonus programme
  • In your smartphone wallet, if you have activated this option

How can I use my loyalty card?

Using your unique QR code connected to your loyalty account, you can use the airport’s Fast Track and Lounge services without the need for an additional ticket. You no longer need to print out your ticket for our Lounge and Fast Track services, you can just scan your card. 
If you have activated the wallet option, your QR code will automatically be displayed on your smartphone so it’s really easy to use.

B. Benefits

What are the benefits of the My Charleroi Airport Bonus loyalty programme?

The benfits of the programme are described : 

How do I earn points as a member?

Members are awarded a number of Points at different times in their customer experience. They will receive some:
when they join the Programme (when they sign up);
on their birthday (as long as BSCA knows when that is);
in exchange for their intentional, voluntary participation in surveys (limited to 4 entries);
when they purchase products or services from BSCA’s online shop.
Every Euro spent on the BSCA online shop will earn the member one Point (spend €1 = 1 Point). The total will be rounded down to the nearest whole number (for example: €32.60 = 32 points).

How can I redeem my Points?

Once you have earned 200 Points you are entitled to a voucher for five Euros, which you can use on future purchases from BSCA’s online shop. This voucher can be activated at any time for one year for any booking.

When do my Points expire?

Points are valid for two years from the date on which you sign up to the Programme. At the end of these two years, the points balance is reset to zero, however many Points you have earned before that date. 

What happens to my Points once I’ve received the €5 voucher?

Whenever a voucher is generated, your Points total is recalculated. 
200 Points will be deducted and you will carry on adding to the extra points. 

Where can I find my vouchers?

You can find your vouchers in your online account area, and more specifically in the « Loyallity » section. They will also be emailed to you, if applicable.
If you have a voucher, please remember that you will automatically be invited to use it once you come to the end of an order (on our online shop).

I’ve booked a parking space online but the points associated with my purchase have not been credited. Why?

The points earned on car park bookings are credited on the day the booking is actually activated. In the meantime, they are marked as “pending”.

You can check your points (history, status, balance) at any time in your online account.

Can I get a refund for my voucher if I used it for a car park booking and have since cancelled the parking space?

No, once you have spent your points they cannot be recredited.

C. Your rights

Why am I receiving messages about the loyalty programme?

When you become a member and accept the general terms and conditions for the My Charleroi Airport programme, you agree to receive messages generated within the context of the scheme.
You can unsubscribe from the programme at any time via the « Contact » tab in your online account.

How can I leave the My Charleroi Airport Bonus programme?

You can unsubscribe from the programme at any time via the « Contact » tab in your online account.

I accidentally created two My Charleroi Airport Bonus accounts (linked to two different email addresses). Can I merge them?

No. We cannot merge accounts for any reason whatsoever.
If you find yourself in this situation, contact us via the “Contact” tab in your online account (link to contact page with the “leave programme” field already selected). We will close one of the 2 accounts (you will keep the one that has more points).

I purchased the « Free cancel » option, does this entitle me to loyalty points?

No. This option is not linked to the loyalty program. Its purchase will therefore not earn any points