Disruptions at the airport

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Charleroi airport is facing a movement of discontent from the security staff in charge of managing the screening checkpoints (security controls to which passengers are subjected in order to access the boarding gates) of the company Security Master. 
The notice filed by the trade unions FGTB, CSC and CGSLB in a common front expires on 16 October 2022. 
Disruptions could occur from the beginning of this week. 
The workers' discontent is due to BSCA Security's* decision to award the future public contract for the management of the screening checkpoints (security checks to which passengers are subjected in order to gain access to the boarding gates) to two operators (2 lots) instead of one. 
However, recurrent problems have been encountered over the last 5 years when only one supplier has to deal with this mission due to fluctuations in passenger transport (sudden rise and fall due to terrorist attacks (2001, 2016), pandemics (SARS, Ebola, Covid, ...), economic crises, natural phenomena (volcanic eruptions), ...). 
In order to ensure continuity of service, the sharing of this mission between two suppliers is essential in order to allow greater resistance in times of crisis and greater flexibility in recruitment in times of growth. 
This sharing between different suppliers is already a reality for other missions such as surveillance cameras, explosive detection dogs, and the control of everyone at the security pre-check. 
This division between two suppliers will have no influence on the guarantee of employment (the transfer of 100% of the personnel is guaranteed by collective agreement 32 bis), nor on the level of remuneration (fixed by joint committee 317). 
Trade union representativeness is also guaranteed. 
The management of B.S.C.A. Security met with the Security Master workers in order to inform them of its openness to dialogue in order to address the concerns expressed by the latter in the specifications of the public contract (modalities of distribution between the two suppliers, similar training and supervision between the two suppliers, maintenance of multi-purpose functions, etc.). 
Nevertheless, the workers do not want to be split between two suppliers and they make this a position of principle. 
The workers' position - which leaves no room for dialogue - is contrary to the interests of our passengers and airlines, even though the rights of the said workers are strictly respected (job guarantee, remuneration, training, etc.). 
Even if we can understand the natural fears of workers linked to the change of employer, it is not admissible to try to prevent a public contract from being awarded.  
*BSCA Security is the company in charge of safety and security at Charleroi airport.