These regulations apply to this car park. In these regulations, the following definitions apply:

“User": the driver of any vehicle that enters the car park, whether or not they intend to park there, walk around on foot or drive around by car, as well as anybody accompanying them.


The Car Park: The site on which these regulations apply.

BSCA: The owner of the facilities.


By entering the car park, by car or on foot, the user accepts these regulations without any other formality, and agrees to comply with the contract entered into with the company BSCA SA, as defined by these car park regulations and by the other provisions relating to parking, including in particular the prices for parking and the payment methods. This contract is accepted in full and without any reservations.


BSCA SA offers users of the car park a location in which to park their vehicle in return for payment of the prices in force, and to this end does not assume any responsibility in terms of safekeeping.


BSCA does not accept any responsibility, in any capacity and for any reason whatsoever, for any damage, even if only partial, that might happen in its car parks, and in particular any accident, theft, damage, explosion or fire.


All users must specifically lock their car with a key and switch on any alarm system. Any valuable items must not be left inside their vehicle, even if they are hidden and locked.


Users must not wash their vehicle in the car park, or carry out any work on them whatsoever. Any breakdown or intervention by an emergency service must be reported to BSCA’s Management immediately. The costs for parking the vehicle will be charged to the user.


Any user driving in a car must have a car park ticket issued on entry or a season ticket in their own name.


Parking documents (ticket or season ticket) cannot be left inside the vehicle or hidden outside or exposed to sunlight or magnetic sources.


As soon as they are asked to do so by representatives of BSCA, users must show their ticket or season ticket. Entry to the car park is strictly prohibited for anyone who is not a member of staff or anyone without a parking document.


BSCA does not accept any responsibility for any accident whatsoever that might occur within its facilities.


Users will take care of the security of their property and the people for whom they are responsible. In particular, they will make sure they do not leave children unsupervised. It should be remembered that this is a car park, not a play area.


Users will make sure they do not leave their luggage or personal belongings unsupervised as long as they are within the facilities. Any piece of luggage or item that has been left or looks suspicious will be removed at the user’s expense.


Any out-of-date card or ticket, or any ticket that is misused or used fraudulently may be confiscated by BSCA staff.


If a season ticket is lost or damaged, the car park’s management must be informed immediately. It will be replaced at the sole expense of the user according to the price and instructions in force. If a user or season ticket holder does not have their season ticket when entering or leaving the car park, they will be regarded as a passing customer who must pay for parking at the hourly price in force for non-season ticket holders. The fixed fee for a lost ticket is equivalent to three months at the monthly parking price unless the user can provide proof of how long they have been parked. In this case, a new ticket will be produced, valid from the estimated day of their arrival. An additional charge will in any case be taken into account for administrative costs equivalent to one day’s parking where the user is parked.


The user recognises BSCA’s right to have their vehicle moved if operational needs require it or if their vehicle is not parked in one of the dedicated spaces. This applies to, among others, vehicles parked outside the labelled spaces and obstructing traffic, parking in reserved spaces or staying for more than 30 days in the car park, without informing the Management in advance and in writing. When it comes to moving the vehicle, this also covers the possibility of BSCA moving it on to the public highway at the expense and risk of its owner and/or the user if the space in which the vehicle is left breaches this article.


As well as this, the user or season ticket holder specifically and irrevocably authorises BSCA to use a wheel clamp in the circumstances below, which are not exhaustive:


  • Parking in such a way as to obstruct traffic;
  • Parking in a space reserved for people with disabilities;
  • Parking on a traffic island;
  • Parking on two or more parking spaces;
  • Parking for more than 30 days without informing the car park’s management in writing in advance.


As well as this, in the circumstances listed above, the season ticket holder specifically and irrevocably authorises BSCA to remove the vehicle at their expense and risk. The use of more than one parking space will result in the season ticket holder being billed for the number of spaces actually occupied.


If a wheel clamp is fitted, BSCA will charge the season ticket holder a daily fee for the number of days calculated from when the wheel clamp was fitted plus eight days as compensation. One day is calculated starting from 0 hours, and once any day has started, it is counted as one whole day.


When it comes to moving the vehicle, this also covers the possibility of BSCA moving it on to the public highway at the expense and risk of its owner and/or the user if the space in which the vehicle is left breaches this article.


No vehicle can be parked in the car park without a number plate. BSCA is authorised to remove the vehicle and put it on to the public highway at the expense and risk of its owner and/or the user if the space in which the vehicle is left breaches this article.


Any abandoned vehicle may be removed at the expense and risk of its owner and/or the user from the space in which it is left.


Users must comply with the verbal instructions given by BSCA’s representatives.


The speed limit for vehicles is 10km/hour in the car park. The direction of traffic and other instructions in the car park must be followed.


As well as this, the user must follow the highway code in the car park. It should be remembered that, given the volume of traffic and the presence of pedestrians on the traffic lanes, mobile telephones cannot be used unless integrated and fixed to a car kit.


In the underground area of the car park, at any time and in any location, both during the day and at night and regardless of the intensity of the inside lighting, users must have their lights on dipped beam as long as they are driving in the car park.


If there is an accident in the car park, users will make sure that their vehicle in no way obstructs normal traffic in the car park. They will inform the car park’s management immediately via one of the emergency call points or via the telephone number on display.


Vehicle engines must not be left running when stationery in a queue or in the actual underground car park.


Apart from authorised vehicles, no other item can be left in parking spaces (tyres, trailers, luggage or other items, without any limiting distinction).


Vehicles with a trailer and camper-type vehicles are prohibited. Any vehicles with a trailer will be subject to a 100% increase in the parking cost.


At the entrance of some car parks there is a bar limiting the height of authorised vehicles. Users must check the height of their vehicle before going under this bar. Any damage caused to the equipment or the car park due to a failure to comply with this bar will be charged to the user.


As well as this, vehicles fitted with roof racks, ski racks, technical equipment or other luggage raising the height of the vehicle are prohibited in the car park.


When parking vehicles in the car park, neither people nor animals can stay in them.


Each car park or specific area of a car park is regarded as a single entity, with its own instructions for use and its own prices. Users can go from one area to another as long as:


  • The system allows them to do so;
  • The time permitted on tickets has not been exceeded or they have validated their ticket at one of the automatic machines if the period of 15 minutes has gone by.


All the car parks, apart from the Express and Public Transport car parks are exclusively reserved for private use. Users who would like to use the car parks for work (public transport) are invited to enter into a sublicensing contract with BSCA to enjoy access to the public transport car park. Any breach is subject to a fine issued by BSCA for a total of €100 excluding VAT per day.


The public transport car park is exclusively reserved for vehicles with a public transport permit that use this car park on an occasional basis.


As an exception, spaces in this car park may be sublicensed via a contract entered into with BSCA within the context of the same company and/or its subsidiaries operating a regular, in other words not occasional, line.



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