Fast Track & Lounge general terms and conditions of sale

These general terms and conditions apply to the use and sale of the Fast Track booking and Lounge service on the Brussels South Charleroi Airport (hereinafter referred to as “BSCA”) website, by Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA), a Société Anonyme with registered office at n°21, rue des Fusillés, 6040 Jumet, BCE 0444.556.344.

Users who sign up to this service are assumed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Article 1 - Definitions

“Order" refers to any booking made and confirmed by the User on the website

"Fast Track" refers to an option whereby someone can go through security quickly and easily without queuing.

“Lounge” refers to the lounge in the airside area of the airport (after security).

"Services" refer to the Fast Track and/or Lounge services marketed by BSCA on the Website, as well as payment for these online.

“Website" refers to the website where you can purchase these services,

“User" refers to any user of the Website, whether for business purposes or members of the public, who browses, finds out about, orders and purchases a Service available on the Website.

Article 2 - Description of the service

2.1 Fast Track 

Fast Track is an option whereby someone can go through security quickly and easily without queuing.

Fast Track is a different product from “Priority Boarding” offered by airlines which allows people to be among the first to board the plane.

2.2 Lounge

The Lounge is in the airside area of the airport (after security) and is only accessible to travellers with an entry voucher.

It can be used during the airport’s opening times via an access code that is provided when the service is purchased. There are no BSCA and/or airline staff in the Lounge.

The following are available there:

- Complimentary drinks and snacks:

  • Drinks (soft drinks, red/white wine, tea, coffee);
  • Sweet and savoury snacks
  • Pastries (morning only);


 - Other facilities:

  • WiFi;
  • Newspapers & Magazines;
  • Use of a computer with Internet access;
  • TV screen (customers cannot change channels);
  • Flight information screen (no announcements are broadcast in the lounge, flight information is provided on the screen).

Article 3 - Booking terms

The following “Users” can purchase the Service for their own needs:

-Any private individual aged 18 or over;

-Legal persons (for their personal needs / designated representatives);


The User must therefore fill in the mandatory fields in the registration form available on the Website. BSCA reserves the right to refuse to provide this Service if incorrect or incomplete information is supplied. The booking period must be respected. 

Article 4 - How Fast Track/Lounge work

The ticket for using the Fast Track service and/or the Lounge is sold in accordance with the following terms: 

- One ticket per person is required for access to the Lounge apart from babies under 2 years accompanied by a paying adult;

-One ticket per person is required for access to the Lounge apart from babies under 2 years accompanied by a paying adult;

-Access to the Fast Track service and/or the Lounge can only be used in conjunction with a boarding pass or the “Check-in Voucher”;

-It gives its owner the right to use the security lanes dedicated to Fast Track customers but: under no circumstances does this guarantee that there will be no queue at security;


this does not exempt you from the need to fully respect all security procedures;

this does not exempt you from the need to respect the general terms and conditions of the airline with which you are travelling;


-After a Fast Track and/or Lounge booking has been confirmed, the customer can cancel it. Up to 24 hours before departure;

-BSCA reserves the right to close the Lounge (or offer a lesser service) at any time, without notice, for security or safety reasons, if it has been let down by a supplier or for reasons outside its control. No refund can be demanded in such circumstances;

-Access to the Lounge is limited to a maximum of 15/9 people (T1/T2), so BSCA reserves the right to refuse access to anyone once this number has been reached, even if they have a voucher;

-BSCA reserves the right to close the Fast Track service and/or the Lounge at any time, without notice, for security reasons. No refund can be demanded in such circumstances;

-BSCA cannot guarantee which terminal the customer’s flight will be departing from, and so the Lounge/Fast Track service that will be used. It can therefore not guarantee that the service will be what the customer expected. As a result, no refund can be demanded in such circumstances.

-BSCA does not accept any responsibility for delays suffered by anyone with a voucher to access the Fast Track service and/or the Lounge, following their failure to observe security rules or any policy in force within the airport, or in the event of force majeure;

-BSCA reserves the right to check or have a subcontractor and/or supplier check to make sure that everybody in the Lounge has a valid ticket. 

Article 5 - Terms and conditions of Use

The Services are marketed in particular on the Internet and are available to anybody who has created an account and who must have an email address.

To order Services from the Website, the User must create an account by providing the information requested in the registration form. 

To this end, the User confirms that they have provided comprehensive, accurate personal information that can be used to identify them in any situation. When creating their account, Users choose a username and password. Users undertake to keep their username and password confidential.

This account will be accessible by the User at any time using their login details. Users are responsible for all actions carried out on the Website using their username and password. Any user registered on the Website will be committed to any Order placed by entering their login details, subject to their right to cancel (art. 9.2).

Once the account has been created and payment submitted, the User will receive a confirmation email sent to their email address containing an order summary and a QR code to access the Fast Track service. A second email will be sent if access to the Lounge is purchased. This will contain the voucher mentioning the access code(s) to enter the Lounge.

The User will need to scan the QR code they received when booking the service to open the Fast Track barrier where prompted. Only one QR code is valid for the whole booking, even if there is more than one user.

Access to the Services will not be authorised before the start date of the booking entered when ordering.

Article 6 - Specific obligation of the user

Any customer who would like to change their booking must first cancel it and then request another booking by signing into their account via the Website.

 Any customer purchasing access to the Lounge will be given a voucher with a strictly personal, non-transferable access code.

BSCA reserves the right to exclude anybody with access to the Lounge if their behaviour or attitude are deemed inappropriate, for which the customer cannot claim a refund. The user will be held responsible for any damage that they may cause in the Lounge.

BSCA reserves the right to exclude anybody with access who brings a third party without a voucher into the Lounge. 

The drinks and food made available to the person with access must be consumed in the Lounge and within reasonable limits. 

Use of Internet access to view content that is sexual, immoral or incites hatred or racial discrimination is strictly prohibited.

The Lounge’s opening times strictly comply with the airport’s opening times (04:30 – 23:30). The room can in no circumstances be used as a dormitory.

It is cleaned once a day, so users are asked to put their rubbish in the bins provided before leaving the Lounge.

Animals are strictly prohibited in the Lounge.

Article 7 - Features of the access code

The access voucher (containing the access code) issued to the User is strictly personal and confidential. It cannot be given or transferred to a third party. It is up to the User to keep it until it is used. BSCA does not accept any responsibility for use by a third party or fraudulent use.

Article 8 - Pricing terms

The Service must be paid for when ordered by credit or debit card.

The total amount collected corresponds to the Service in question at the total price including all taxes (in Euros) in force at the time of booking, as described and detailed on the booking page.

All applicable prices are freely available on the website .


Article 9 - Cancellation - Right to cancel

9.1 Cancellation 

Any order placed on the Website can be cancelled free of charge by the User up to 24 hours before the date stipulated by signing into the Customer Area on the Website via the “My Account” tab. If the Service is cancelled, the User will be refunded via their bank account (the count connected to the bank card used at the time of the booking.

9.2 Right to cancel- Exclusion

If the User is a non-professional natural person, they have the right to cancel in accordance with the provisions of article VI.47 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law. This right to cancel can be exercised within fourteen (14) days of the date of the Order by the User, without the need to give reasons or pay any penalties. The request to cancel can be exercised by sending an email to BSCA’s Customer Services department via the email address, with the words “Demande de Rétractation” (Request to Cancel). This email must include the booking number in question and the individual’s contact details (surname, first name, email address). If this period ends on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, it is extended until the next business day.

If the User exercises their right to cancel in accordance with the terms mentioned above, BSCA will, if applicable, refund the total amounts paid within fourteen (14) days of the date on which BSCA was informed of the User’s decision, excluding any charges for returning the access card, which must be paid for by the User. The total amounts will be recredited to the bank account connected to the credit card used (secure transaction).

In accordance with article VI.51, §3 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, if a User exercises their right to cancel a contract the fulfilment of which has already begun at their explicit request and before the end of the cancellation period, they must pay BSCA a total amount corresponding to the proportion of the service used up until the time when the User informs BSCA of their desire to cancel.

In accordance with article VI.53, para. 1 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, the right to cancel cannot be exercised for contracts that have been completely fulfilled before the end of the cancellation period and the fulfilment of which has begun after the User’s prior explicit agreement and the renunciation of their right to cancel.

Article 10 - Liability and guarantees

No guarantee is given to the User relating to:

-The absence of anomalies, errors and bugs that might affect their browsing of the Website or the implementation of any feature offered on the Website;

-The possibility of correcting these anomalies, errors or bugs; 

-The absence of any interruption or malfunction affecting how the Website works; 

-The compatibility of the Website with any particular equipment or configuration.


Under no circumstances will BSCA be liable for malfunctions attributable to third-party software, whether or not it is embedded in the Website or provided with it.

Under no circumstances will BSCA be held responsible for direct or indirect damages, and/or intangible damages, whether foreseeable or not (including the loss of profit or opportunity etc.) resulting from the supply and/or use or the total or partial impossibility of using the Website’s features.

The only purpose of hypertext links on the Website referring the User to other websites is to make finding things easier for the User. In any case, the User confirms that they are aware of the features and limitations of the Internet, including in particular its technical performance, response times for viewing, querying or transferring data and the risks associated with communication security.

BSCA does not accept any liability if the Service is not provided at all, or not provided properly caused either by the User or a third-party unrelated to the Service or in the event of force majeure as defined by case law.

No claim can be made against BSCA and its insurers if a third party uses the QR Code given to the User, or if it is used fraudulently.

Article 11 - Intellectual property

BSCA owns all intellectual property rights and/or usage rights for the Website, its content and all of its elements, including in particular copyrights, database rights, trademark rights and rights to designs.

The Website, as well as all accessible elements, software, databases, text, information, analyses, images, photographs, graphics, logos, sound, videos and more generally any other data contained on the Website will remain the exclusive property of BSCA or, if applicable, their respective owners with whom the latter has entered into usage agreements. All reproduction rights are reserved.

The User is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right in a private context, to use the Website and the data contained on the Website. This right covers (i) the right to consult the data and information contained on the Website online and (ii) a reproduction right covering the ability to print and/or save data and information consulted. This usage right is strictly for private use only.

Failure to respect the provisions described above constitutes an infringement which could result in the User being held criminally and/or civilly liable. BSCA reserves the right to take any legal action against the User in this case in the competent courts. No hypertext link to the website can be implemented with BSCA’s explicit prior written agreement.


Article 12 - Protection of personal data

BSCA SA, rue des Fusillés 21, 6040 Charleroi, registered with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under number 0444.556.344, respects your privacy and your Personal Data.

It therefore protects and only processes your Personal Data in accordance with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on data protection, including the changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-EU 2016/679 of 27 April 2016).

It complies with the legal requirements relating to the use of surveillance cameras and image rights.

You can find our confidentiality policy on our website.

Article 13 - Information-Complaints-Disputes

13.1 Information-Complaints

Any request for information, complaints or any precisions must be sent to the following address:

 BSCA SA - Customer Service - rue des Fusillés 21, 6040 Charleroi – Belgium.

Users can also contact BSCA by email 


13.2 Language

No translation of the general terms and conditions for parking can be used as evidence. The French version is the only authentic one.             


13.3 Applicable Law

Any dispute or difference of opinion relating to these General Terms and Conditions will be subject to Belgian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the commercial court in the judicial district of Hainaut, Charleroi division. 

Version : 23/08/2019