Brussels South Charleroi Airport is linking up its terminals with a self-driving vehicle: Flibco is trialling the NAVYA

CP - Navya

Charleroi, 18 September 2019 – On 10 and 11 September, Flibco trialled its electric self-driving vehicle, the NAVYA, on the tarmac of Brussels South Charleroi Airport. By using this vehicle, the airport plans to link up its two terminals for transit passengers. These two trial days will be analysed and assessed, allowing us to draw up a long-term plan for using this vehicle between terminals one and two.


Constantly striving to improve the services offered to travellers, Brussels South Charleroi Airport is working with to introduce a new connection service between terminals 1 and 2., a company specialising in airport mobility, is working on a wide range of options to come up with solutions for airports keen to improve their mobility, both within and outside their sites.


NAVYA: electric & self-driving vehicles at the cutting-edge of technology


Featuring an enclosed passenger compartment and able to seat 15 passengers, NAVYA self-driving shuttle buses should help to improve travellers’ experience. With a speed of 20km/hr, there will be more journeys between the two terminals, making mobility more fluid.


NAVYA vehicles boast the latest driverless driving technology. The company already has more than 130 vehicles and is present in 20 countries. NAVYA plans to help evolve the transport industry by putting green, self-driving solutions on the road.


Sales-Lentz, the parent company of, is an important partner of NAVYA when it comes to introducing self-driving vehicles. The group already offers two connections using self-driving shuttle buses in Luxembourg, one on a private site and one on a public one (Luxembourg city centre).


Paul DE MUYNCK, Director of Belgium, explains:“It was only natural that we should work with NAVYA to offer the latest mobility solutions to optimise the user experience within Brussels South Charleroi Airport, whilst also respecting the environment.


For his part, Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: « The airport is enjoying continuous growth. As we currently have two terminals and transit solutions were launched last April, we are always looking for innovative ideas and a quick, efficient solution designed to link up the two terminals. Over time, transit flights will increase, which is why we are looking at the self-driving solution offered by In addition, in its capacity as an electric vehicle, the NAVYA is environmentally friendly and meets our environmental requirements. »