SUMMER 2024 PROGRAMME: B.S.C.A. is looking forward to a great season and the launch of six new routes

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CHARLEROI, 29 March 2024 – As the warmer weather returns, the airline industry will be welcoming the summer season on Sunday 31 March 2024. The IATA summer programme, more commonly known as high season, will bring its fair share of changes to flight activity at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Each airline adjusts its flight plans to best meet passenger demand.


For B.S.C.A., this represents the launch of six new routes to Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sweden, Italy, Croatia and a Portuguese town in the Azores archipelago. 


As it does every year, the last Sunday in March marks the changeover to the summer season in the aviation world. This period runs until the last Sunday in October, which marks the start of the winter season or low season. In 2024, the summer programme will start on Sunday 31 March 2024 and finish on 27 October 2024.


The switch from winter to summer schedules allows airlines to adjust their flight plans at the airports they serve. This is a benchmark used by the operators to better plan and organise their capacity and their seats according to what the season actually has in store. In particular, this phenomenon explains the existence of seasonal routes and the increase in frequency for certain popular destinations.


Summer 2024 Programme at Brussels South Charleroi Airport


As is the case at all airports around the world, the switch to the summer schedule will bring changes to how things work on the tarmac at Brussels-Charleroi airport.


Five airlines will be running scheduled flights from B.S.C.A.: Ryanair Group, Wizzair, Air Corsica, Pegasus Airlines and Volotea.


For its part, Ryanair has announced the launch of six new routes from Brussels-Charleroi to Cork, Sarajevo, Gothenburg, Olbia, Dubrovnik and Ponta Delgada.


Tickets for all of these routes are on sale on the company’s official website


Cork, Ireland

From 31 March 2024, three flights a week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)


A small city in south-west Ireland, Cork charms visitors with its friendly, cosmopolitan atmosphere. On an island in the middle of the River Lee, this town feels more like a village, and offers visitors the chance to discover all sorts of different aspects of Ireland, from trendy cafés and buzzing art galleries to quirky museums and countless Irish pubs.


There are a whole host of attractions, so tourists are bound to find something to suit their interests here. From the English Market, which is English in name only, where you can try some Irish cuisine, to Elizabeth Fort, offering a breathtaking view of the city, via the Church of Saint Anne and its famous clock tower nicknamed “The Four Faced Liar”, whose different faces each show a different time.


Gothenburg, Sweden

From 31 March 2024, two flights a week (Friday and Sunday).


A port city facing the Atlantic, Gothenburg is Sweden’s second biggest city in terms of population as well as political and economic importance.


The perfect city for tourists, with bags of atmosphere and all the latest tech, it’s also still a very outward-looking, human city that’s full of life. Over the years, Gothenburg has become a must-see destination for anyone visiting Sweden. From Scandinavian culture, architecture and town planning to bars, restaurants and exciting concerts: everything’s possible here.


The town welcomes visitors all year round, with different things to do depending on the season:

  • Spring/Summer: water sports, exploring nature. Gothenburg has over 800km of cycle tracks 
  • Autumn: The city is decked out in its golden colours, offering breathtaking views for amateur photographers.
  • Winter: Winter sports and Christmas markets bring Gothenburg to life


Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

From 31 March 2024, two flights a week (Thursday and Sunday).


Devastated by the civil war between 1992 and 1995, the town has been completely rebuilt thanks to the strength and courage of its inhabitants. Today, Sarajevo is ready and waiting for foreign visitors to discover its charms. Admittedly there are still some scars from the war visible here and there, witnesses to the city’s history, but the architectural mix of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and modern styles give the city an identity in its own right.


The city has long streets, beautiful buildings and neighbourhoods that take you on a journey of discovery. The Turkish Quarter, for example, plunges visitors into the Middle East, without having to set foot outside of Sarajevo.


One particularly impressive building attracts many visitors every year: The National Library, formerly Sarajevo City Hall ravaged by fire during the war, has been completely refurbished, earning the nickname “the Phoenix of Sarajevo”, risen from the ashes.


Lovely walks along a river, for example, will delight nature lovers, combined with an excursion to the Yellow Fortress, an ancient defensive wall, perched on a nearby hill, offering visitors some stunningly beautiful panoramic views.


Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

From 2 May 2024, two flights a week (Monday and Thursday).


A small coastal town in north-east Sardinia, in the Province of Sassari, Olbia was referred to by the Greeks as Happy City, and really is a wonderful gateway for tourists keen to explore the island.


Its historic centre is a must. Take a stroll or relax in one of the city’s most beautiful squares, such as La Piazza Giacomo Matteotti for its social aspect, as well as for its historical significance. In the middle of the square is the famous Trivenere, a fountain set on a base with geometric shapes and surrounded by a circular pond, showing three Venuses holding an ampulla, from which water flows, seen as a symbol of Olbia.


Architecture and history buffs can visit the Romanesque Basilica di San Simplicio, the town hall built in 1932 and a host of archaeological sites from all eras.


Olbia is also the starting point for a trip to some of the world’s most stunning beaches, boasting some sumptuous landscapes. The Costa Smeralda, also known as the Emerald Coast, named after its turquoise water, transports you to the other side of the world but only two short hours away from Brussels-Charleroi.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

From 4 April 2024, two flights a week (Monday and Thursday).


Dubrovnik, often dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic, has an awful lot to offer, in terms of both history and culture. The city is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


A port and tourist centre in southern Dalmatia, it is one of the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean. Its architectural heritage and rocky, pebbled and sandy beaches make it a town with many faces, where exploration and relaxation go hand in hand.


The old town remains a must-see for all visitors. Take the opportunity to stroll through the old streets and marvel at the many different cultural and historic buildings. A magical, enchanting setting that has also been used for hit TV series and films including Game of Thrones and Star Wars, episode VIII. You can take part in some of the themed activities on offer, including trips to the filming locations.


The town walls, once fortified ramparts designed to defend the population, are now the perfect starting point for a lovely stroll with breathtaking views over the sea and the city.


Not far from the old town, there are beaches with pure blue waters where you can relax with a book and enjoy a different kind of escape.


Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

From 3 June 2024, one flight a week (Monday).


To the west of São Miguel Island, in the Azores archipelago, Ponta Delgada has rapidly become a popular destination, accessible by sea and air.


With its temperate climate, the island promises mild, wet weather in winter and a cooler, more pleasant climate in summer. This means you can visit the island all year round.


Ponta Delgada has a rich historical past. Although initially regarded as a simple fishing village, the town soon took on the status of administrative capital and economic centre of the autonomous region of the Azores.


The island’s must-see square Gonçalo Velho Cabral, featuring a statue of the man who discovered it, overlooks the harbour from where the city gates can be seen, behind which are the baroque-style church, Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião, and the City Hall.


Its historic centre is home to numerous churches, convents and other stately homes. On the island, tradition meets modernity, combining a cosmopolitan atmosphere with the typical tranquillity of life in the Azores.


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