Flibco.com, Fritapapa, Schamp – La Cantine and Brussels South Charleroi Airport are opening two new outdoor areas that will significantly enhance the customer experience for travellers

CP - Plaza

CHARLEROI, 16 May 2024 – Travelling from Brussels South Charleroi Airport has never been such a pleasure! Two new areas, opened on 16 May 2024, help to improve the passenger experience. Flibco.com, Fritapapa, Schamp – La Cantine and Brussels Charleroi airport are keen to offer even more comfort, choice and convenience thanks to the brand new Mobility Centre, and an extensively redesigned esplanade. Together, the partners are committed to establishing B.S.C.A. as the ultimate starting point for any journey, whether for business, with your family, or for a well-earned break. 

An important milestone has been reached. The work that began in 2020 has now been completed. With a surface area of 8,500m², Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s new esplanade is now home to different areas: a new Mobility Centre, the pre-screening building and new retail outlets, plus a warm welcome place for passengers with limited mobility.

“We are delighted to see the work that began four years ago come to fruition today”, announces Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of B.S.C.A.. “With the Mobility Centre and the redesigned Plaza, travellers can now enjoy new facilities that offer more convenience and enhance the travelling experience, both for their journey to/from the airport, and once they’re here, where they can relax before take-off. With these extra services, in addition to what is already available here, B.S.C.A. is establishing itself as a fully-fledged airport, with all the benefits and qualities of the largest international airports.

A Mobility Centre that combines modernity with comfort

Flibco.com can’t wait to welcome future passengers at the Mobility Centre. These new facilities, unlike anything else in Europe, are set to revolutionise the passenger experience by offering even more comfort and convenience.

An investment of 4 million Euros was required for the building, which includes a waiting room and a number of cutting-edge digital outlets. Flibco.com offers a direct shuttle service to several towns and cities in BeNeLux and France, including Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Arlon, Breda, Tilburg, Luxembourg and Lille. Passengers can enjoy the smoothest of journeys thanks to the Mobility Centre, from their starting point to the boarding gate, as well as enjoying a better travel experience overall.

Paul DE MUYNCK, Country Director at Flibco.com, shares his enthusiasm for this new adventure: “The opening of Flibco.com’s Mobility Centre marks an important step for us. We are determined to improve our customers’ experience, and these new facilities at Brussels-Charleroi airport reiterate our commitment to achieving this goal.

The company expects to transport more than two million passengers a year. The Mobility Centre will thus become an integral part of the airport’s infrastructure, facilitating access for anyone who would like to depart from B.S.C.A.

Fancy a tasty treat before take-off?

B.S.C.A.’s new esplanade offers a diverse range of food and drink options for any time of the day.

With an original design, as well as offering passengers and their companions a breath of fresh air before they leave, the Plaza is home to a selection of food and drink options, with a comprehensive variety to choose from, where particular attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients and the welcome that customers can expect.

On the one hand, there is the partnership between Schamp – La Cantine and Brussels South Charleroi Airport, helping to diversify the options for breakfast (pastries, juices, coffees, brioches etc.) as well as for snacks (including chocolate mousse and tarts, for example). Atelier Schamp is a well-known and well-regarded local brand, where quality ingredients are guaranteed. Products are prepared at the workshop in Marcinelle, before they are brought to the B.S.C.A. site to be finished off. Deliveries will be daily, so customers can enjoy artisan quality without any flavour enhancers or preservatives.

For passengers looking for something more substantial, Fritapapa has plenty to tickle the tastebuds of anyone looking for a savoury treat. They’ve been at B.S.C.A. for seven years, and have now adapted their outlet to welcome even more customers, provide a faster service and improve their range of products.

Given our success, which exceeded our expectations, our original infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose”, explains Pierre ARTUSO, Chief Executive Officer of Fritapapa. “With a surface area of 800m², 40 of which is just for our brand, we will be able to keep even more customers happy. As well as that, we are keen to get people in the holiday spirit, and our decor gives people an instant change of scenery. Sand-coloured flooring, Berber-inspired wall hangings, atmospheric music and our new children’s play area will help our customers feel as though they’re on holiday already.

The menu includes fresh chips, straight from Berloz, which will be cooked according to classic Belgian tradition, and can be served with burgers made using pure beef, from a farm near Mettet.

The Fritapapa team will be made up of twenty or so full-time-equivalent staff, as well as about ten students, all proudly living up to the brand’s slogan, Eat, Chill, Fly.

Now that sunnier days are finally here, and the holiday season is just around the corner, the opening of this extensively redesigned and improved esplanade can’t fail to win over passengers and their loved ones before they take off, as well as incoming travellers keen to experience a friendly Belgian welcome.