Disruptions until Wednesday 19 October.


Following the strike of the Security Masters security staff, we inform passengers who have to leave Brussels-Charleroi airport this Wednesday 19 October that operations will be suspended.

On the other hand, arriving passengers will be welcomed normally.

This decision for departing passengers follows the incidents that occurred today.

We therefore ask departing passengers not to come to the airport.

They will be quickly informed by their airline (sms, email).

Concerning the re-booking of flights, we also invite you to contact your airline.

Check our website for regular detailed updates for the coming days: https://www.brussels-charleroi-airport.com/fr/perturbations-eventuelles-partir-du-17102022

Do you wish to make a complaint? The airport is not responsible for any disruptions encountered but will centralise requests via its contact form in order to provide passengers with the correct information.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.