Brussels South Charleroi Airport tests its Emergency Plan: “Disaster Plan” drill on Wednesday 16 October 2019

CP - Exercice Plan d'Urgence

Charleroi, 14 October 2019 – Brussels South Charleroi Airport will be carrying out an emergency drill on Wednesday 16 October 2019. This drill, the aim of which is to put the internal emergency plan into practice, will be carried out by different airport departments responsible for safety, as well as other operational and technical departments. The whole drill will take place within the airport perimeter.


The internal emergency plan for an airport has four main goals:

  • Put the internal emergency plan into practice
  • Analyse and assess its effectiveness
  • Measure the collaboration between the different teams at work
  • Update the existing plan


During the drill, an accident in the air will be simulated. Different departments, both within and outside the airport, will be taking part in the implementation of this emergency plan. Airport fire-fighters, emergency medical services and fire-fighters for the Zone Hainaut Est (ZOHE), the Service Public de Wallonie, local, federal and criminal police, Skeyes and Belgium’s Red Cross. They will all be mobilised to fulfil the goals to be achieved. 


Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, who is committed to maintaining the quality of the services offered by the airport, explains: « Safety is everybody’s business. In the aviation sector, it is important to be prepared for every eventuality. In order to anticipate any problem, it is essential that we test our emergency procedures so that we can analyse them and adapt them as required. When analysing the drill, an integral part of the strategy in place involves asking the right questions in order to optimise the internal emergency plan. This full-scale drill will help us challenge ourselves and avoid resting on our laurels. It forces us to continue to work unfailingly to improve our services and make sure everybody is safe as effectively as possible. »