THE BIG SPRING CLEAN: B.S.C.A. is organising its Green Week from 18 to 22 March 2024

CP - Green Week

CHARLEROI, 15 March 2024 – From Monday 18 to Friday 22 March 2024, Brussels-Charleroi airport is focusing on helping the environment. A number of initiatives will be running throughout the week to raise staff awareness, with a particular emphasis on waste management. The last day, Friday 22nd, will see the Big Clean, “Le Grand Nettoyage”, an event organised by not-for-profit organisation Be WaPP, where the goal is to collect rubbish from all around the airport.


With the arrival of milder weather, the whole airport community has been called upon to help clean up our region before nature wakes up from its winter slumber.


B.S.C.A.’s Green Team was founded in October 2022, and its 20 members are committed to raising awareness about managing rubbish. Their goal is to encourage us to work together to create a cleaner Wallonia and protect nature from litter and fly tipping.


The more you know the better you act!


A number of awareness-raising activities will be organised for airport staff between Monday 18 March and Thursday 21 March 2024. There will be two themes, focusing on different aspects of dealing with rubbish, with a particular emphasis on getting people involved:


  • Cleaning up the airport’s baggage sorting area
  • Cleaning up and sorting vehicles used for operations:
    • Storing everything collected from the vehicles in a break room so that a photo can be taken, thereby raising awareness of the rubbish that has been left behind in them.



Be WaPP, the Big Clean


The closing event of Green Week will be the Big Clean (“Grand Nettoyage”), organised in collaboration with the teams from IGRETEC and overseen by the not-for-profit organisation Be WaPP.


Employees of Brussels-Charleroi airport and its partners, together with members of IGRETEC, will spend the afternoon of 22 March 2024 collecting rubbish from around the airport and the Aeropole. According to Be WaPP, each of the teams will be aiming to improve public cleanliness by taking action to reduce littering and fly tipping.


For Brussels South Charleroi Airport, it is vital that members of the airport community are involved in environmental initiatives, giving us the opportunity to play our part in social responsibility.


The airport is firmly committed to Be WaPP’s goals:


  • Do everything possible to significantly reduce litter in public spaces
  • Improve community life
  • Boost the region’s appeal
  • Protect the environment




At the end of the day, all the rubbish collected will be weighed, so that we will be able to see the real impact the initiative has had on the environment.



At B.S.C.A., we pay particular attention to protecting the environment around us. Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: “As an airport, we pay particular attention to environmental initiatives and activities.They help us reinforce our commitment to environmental sustainability and support the preservation of our region.The Green Week, organised by B.S.C.A.’s Green Team, is a significant moment for all the members of Brussels South Charleroi Airport and for our environment.