45,481 passengers recorded in April 2021: 94% decrease compared to 2019

Image - CP Résultats 04/2021

Charleroi, 14 May 2021 - Brussels South Charleroi Airport welcomed 45,481 passengers in April 2021, a 94% decrease compared to the same period in 2019 (the airport was closed in April 2020 due to the health crisis).

The aviation and travel industries are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation that is affecting Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s activities. Previously prohibited, “non-essential” travel has been allowed since April 19. This should allow for the gradual resumption of flights.

The countries that attracted the most travellers in April 2021 were Spain, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Turkey.

The total number of commercial flights has also fallen considerably. 1,184 flights were recorded in April 2021, compared with 5,135 in 2019, so a fall of 77%.

As the gradual resumption of air traffic is expected, airlines operating at Brussels South Charleroi Airport have already announced the launch of new routes.

New routes:

  • Air Corsica: Brussels-Charleroi - Figari (Corsica, France), from 22 May 2021, with one flight/week. This will increase to two flights/week in July and August.
  • Wizz Air: Brussels-Charleroi - Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), from 14 June 2021, with two flights/week.


  • Ryanair
    • Brussels-Charleroi - Zagreb (Croatia), from 2 June 2021, with two flights/week. This will increase to three flights/week from 1 September 2021.
    • Brussels-Charleroi - Heraklion (Greece), from 1 July 2021, with two flights/week.
    • Brussels-Charleroi - Zakynthos (Greece), from 1 July 2021, with one flight/week.
    • Brussels-Charleroi - Santorini (Greece), from 3 July 2021, with two flights/week.
    • Brussels-Charleroi - Stockholm Arlanda (Sweden), from 31 October 2021, with four flights/week.
    • Brussels-Charleroi - Billund (Denmark), from 1 November 2021, with three flights/week.

Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: “As the vaccination programme continues throughout Europe, our industry is preparing for a gradual recovery. The lifting of the ban on “non-essential” travel has already resulted in a slight increase in passenger traffic. The summer season will be an important time for everyone involved in aviation and tourism.

If you have any questions about safety measures, how we are dealing with travellers and to prepare for your trip, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s website is updated on a regular basis. It is available at http://www.brussels-charleroi-airport.com.

The airport’s comprehensive COVID-19 plan is also available via the link https://www.brussels-charleroi-airport.com/en/FAQ-COVID19.