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Smart Parking

Smart Parking : Contactless parking experience 

Are you planning to come to the airport soon ? Take the opportuniy to try out this free new service !


The benefits of Smart Parking : 

  • Book a space in the P1 online via our e-commerce platform - It's easy ! 
  • The CRL AIRPORT app will calculate your route to the airport
  • You don't need a paper ticket anymore : The car park opens automatically thanks to the numberplate recognition system (entered when you book)
  • No need to look for an empty space any more. The CRL AIRPORT app will direct you from the car park entrance barrier to your space.
  • Save time. You can also avoid the queue at the car park exit. No ticket, no queue ! 

How does it work ? 

  1. Book your P1 parking space online
  2. Download the CRL AIRPORT app
  3. The app will calculate your route to the airport
  4. Take your vehicle to the car park entrance
  5. Follow the directions and relax!


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