Promoting biodiversity on and around the site


With BeeODiversity, Brussels-Charleroi Airport is making a firm commitment to air quality and the assessment and preservation of biodiversity with an innovative initiative: beehives installed at each end of the runway. Each bee, a key player in this project, travels a radius of 1.5 to 3 km around its hive, covering the entire airport zone.

This approach enables two crucial types of analysis to be carried out, thanks to the pollen brought back by the bees: 

  • The detection of any sources of pollution (atmospheric, hydrocarbon fallout, pesticides, etc.) in the area.
  • An in-depth study of plant biodiversity, making it possible to identify plant species, determine their relative abundance, detect and combat the presence of invasive plants, and propose measures to improve floral diversity in and around the airport site.

The project also includes an annual biodiversity monitoring component, with regular floral inventories and regular reports. These reports will be accompanied by recommendations for the management of areas to encourage floral diversity.

As a bonus, the bees produce honey. If analyses confirm its good quality, airport staff will be able to enjoy this delicious honey free of charge, under the supervision of the AFSCA.


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