Bars and restaurants

Picture of a table under the sun on a terrace

Jupiler Bar  (T1 - landside):

If you need a break after your shopping and before you take off, if you're waiting for a loved one, your little sister or friend and their plane is about to land… the best place to wait is the Jupiler Bar. Belgian beers and a range of hot drinks and snacks are available from 4am until 10.30pm, 7 days a week in the airport concourse.


Paul (T1 - landside):

What could be better than finding a familiar name to fill that grumbling tummy? Well you're in luck as the Paul bakery and patisserie, which needs no introduction, can be found in the BSCA airport concourse every day from 7am until 11pm, serving a range of sandwiches, pizzas, quiches, hot and cold drinks and all sorts of pastries. Yum!


Méli-Mélo (T1 - airside):

A quick meal just before boarding? No problem thanks to Méli-Mélo, which has set up home in the airport after security. With its self-service set-up, you can put together your own meal.  The menu includes a range of hot dishes, including some Belgian classics like vol-au-vents and Boulettes à la Liégeoise, cold dishes and several breakfast options, open every day from 4.30am until 10pm.


Oui Shop (T1 - airside Non Schengen):

Are you just about to take off to a destination outside the European Union? Then you'll be able to explore the well-stocked Oui Shop, perfect for a last-minute snack. Sweets, hot and cold drinks, sweet and savoury snacks… anything you might fancy to snack on before boarding. Open whenever flights are scheduled.


Chariot Paul (T1 - airside):

No time to visit Paul before going through security? No problem, there's a Paul booth serving a selection of the most popular sandwiches and pastries. A convenient and quick way to make sure your tummy's full before you take off! Open every day, just in front of boarding gates 7 to 10.


Bar Leffe (T1 - airside):

The most popular place in the airport for tourists and Belgians who are already missing their homeland. At the Leffe Bar, you can enjoy a great view of the runway, a menu including the country's best draft and bottle beers, and customer service worthy of a high-end eatery. Every day until 10pm after security.


Guapa (T1 - airside):

Guapa, experts in fresh juices, has opened a branch in the airport concourse. The juice bar is in the boarding area and is open every day between 6am and 9pm. “Pure fruit” juices and smoothies without any added sugar, with added milk products and cereals if you like, plus vegetable juices too… to sum up, plenty to choose from to keep your vitamin levels topped up throughout the day.


Express Snack & Drink (T1 landside & airside Non Schengen - T2 landside):

Before boarding, waiting for a friend or after landing, come and relax at the Express Snack & Drink.  From 7 am till 11.45 pm, our smily waiters welcome you with a creamy coffee, sweets, ice creams and waffles, not to mention hot dogs and refreshments.