Technical details

Picture of the airport

Opening times: 06:30am - 11pm local time with the possibility for planes based at the airport to return to CRL after 23:00 LT in the event of an unplanned delay.

Non-coordinated airport (level 1)

Elevation: 184 m (614 ft)

50°27'36''N - 004°27'10''E

Runway 06/24: 2,550 m x 46m

Start-up: 121.80

Approach: 133.12

Handling frequency: 131.475

Approach ILS: runway 25: 110.90 (ident IGC)

VOR/DME: 115.70 (ident GOS)

ILS category: Cat. III

Fire category: Cat. 7 (Cat. 8 upon request with a one-hour delay for positive or negative response).