Charleroi, 18 March 2021 – The board of directors of Brussels South Charleroi Airport met on 18 March to approve a strategic and industrial plan that will now be submitted to its public and private shareholders.


The gravity and length of the Covid 19 crisis have meant that over a number of months, the board of directors has been working with the management team to carefully consider the strategy that we need to adopt to make sure, on the one hand, that the company manages to survive the crisis and, on the other hand, that it can ultimately return to business as usual.


“The current health crisis is hitting the whole aviation sector hard. This is not without consequences for air travel, both in Belgium and internationally,” explains Philippe Verdonck, CEO of Brussels South Charleroi Airport. “With the support of different experts on our board of directors and the task force set up by our Minister in charge of airports, the management team has put together a strategic and industrial plan that should help us overcome this health crisis, secure the continuity of our operations and prepare for our ‘post-Covid 19’ recovery.”.


At the end of this work session, the board of directors unanimously approved a strategic and industrial plan put together by the management team in close collaboration with experts on the board of directors and the task force set up on the initiative of the Walloon Minister in charge of airports. This strategic and industrial plan will now be submitted to the airport’s public and private shareholders. Everybody will need to make a concerted effort, and BSCA’s employees and partners will all need to be involved and engaged with this plan.


The board of directors has faith in the strategic and industrial plan that has been approved today. Subject to the agreement of shareholders, the board will help the management team implement the plan to get through this health crisis and make sure that Charleroi airport enjoys long-term growth,” explains Michaël Van den Kerkhove, acting Chairman of the board of directors.