The French paradise at 1h25 from Brussels-Charleroi!

The cradle of humanity, conquered by the Romans and then coveted by the English, the Dordogne Valley has all the assets: the climate, the gastronomy, the history, the nature, the architecture... Its appeal also extends to new horizons. The traveller discovers an authentic territory, respectful of its environment and its traditions, but also a modern area, turned towards the future, preserved, welcoming and sincere. The Dordogne Valley, far from being stuck in the vestiges of its past, is opening up to a new era that is resolutely eco-conscious and responsible. The area owes its name to the famous river that runs through it: the Dordogne.

Easily accessible, the Dordogne Valley is located in the South-West of France, straddling two regions - Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie - and three departments: Dordogne, Lot and Corrèze. Their older names - Périgord for the Dordogne and Quercy for the Lot - are still widely used. Sarlat and Rocamadour are well known, but the Dordogne Valley is also full of unusual places. Travelling up the river, visitors will find themselves in the heart of a wild and secret nature for a journey towards the unexpected.