Practical advice

Photo of people waiting to check-in

We strongly recommend that passengers arrive 2 hours before the scheduled take-off time. In very busy periods (school holidays, the days before bank holidays etc.), we recommend arriving 3 hours before the scheduled take-off time.

Baggage check-in opens three hours before the flight and closes 40 minutes before the flight.

It is your responsibility to take all measures necessary to arrive in time both at check-in and at the boarding gate for your flight, even if you are delayed for reasons out of your control (roadworks, ID documents not in order etc.).

Please visit the BSCA Security site for any further information about security:

"Using virtual reality to tackle the fear of flying!"
Using virtual reality provides an effective, scientifically proven approach to dealing with the fear of flying. The Virtual Reality Centre offers one-to-one consultations as well as a comprehensive 3-day course to help you overcome your phobia. All sessions are run by clinical psychologists and certified psychotherapists.

How can you get over a fear of flying?
• Understand your fear of flying.
• Hear technical responses.
• Manage your stress effectively.
• Get on a plane.

How do I sign up for the course?
1. Make an appointment with one of our psychologists.
2. After an initial assessment, he/she will decide whether or not you should take part in the course.
3. If you take part in the course, you will receive information and terms and conditions about your flight.
4. You will be informed of the dates for the course and the flight.
The course!

DAY 1: Welcome to the airport
• Technical and aeronautical information.
• Understanding your fear to help you deal with it better.
• Strategies for managing your fear.
• Virtual reality.

• Strategies for managing your fear (advanced).
• A virtual reality flight.
• Preparing for the flight.

• A return flight, accompanied by our psychologists.
• Appraisal of the session.

The return flight is organised in partnership with BSCA (Brussels South Charleroi Airport).
The sessions are organised in small groups, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Contact / book an appointment
Address: Rue de l’Hôpital (Marchienne-au-Pont), 55
6030 Charleroi.
Tel.: 071/ 92 28 50