Early Check-In

Would you like to make flying easier? Brussels South Charleroi Airport is committed to looking after its passengers and improving their experience, which is why it is introducing the Early Check-In service: check in your luggage the day before you fly and avoid that extra stress! A great opportunity for passengers not to have to worry about their luggage on the day they travel and instead take the time to wander around the airport, enjoy a meal or watch the earlier planes take off with complete peace of mind and no stress at all. 


How does the Early Check-In service work? 

Nothing could be easier… The staff at Brussels South Charleroi Airport look forward to welcoming you between 6pm and 10pm for flights departing from Charleroi between 6.30am and 8.30am the next day.




With complete peace of mind… Only one passenger for each family, group, sports team, class etc. needs to go to the airport to check in everybody’s luggage, as long as they show everybody’s travel documents and boarding cards.


Just relax… you can spend the night before at home or in a hotel and have nothing else to worry about until it’s time to get on your plane.

The Early Check-In service is designed to make life easier for passengers. The person who comes to check in the luggage the day before will get a ticket for one hour’s free parking in the Express car park. Any passenger who has decided to use the Early Check-In service will also get access to the Fast Track, a service giving passengers priority at the security lanes.