Travel peacefully during COVID-19

02-18/04/2021 : Reinforced controls

Dear travellers,

Between 02 and 18/04/2021 and due to an additional control on the essential nature of cross-border travel, it is strongly recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance.

Thank you for your understanding.



The Consultative Committee announced that from 27/01 to 18/04/2021, only travel for essential reasons would be allowed.

You are flying for an essential trip ? To do so, you must complete a sworn statment : 

What is an essential reason ? 

  • Professional reasons.
  • Compelling family reasons, e.g. to visit a child or partner, to attend a marriage or funeral of a close relative
  • Humanitarian reasons, e.g. for a medical reason, to help an elderly person
  • Study reasons
  • Residents of border regions
  • Other urgent reasons, e.g. to take care of an animal, to move house

> More info about travelling for an essential reason


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Préparez votre voyage - covid
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